Revolving Pedestals: On: Self-Reflexivity • “True Lies for Singled Freedom,” Art Zagreb, HR


On Self-Reflexivity is a critical engagement with the standard structure, gesture, and historical implications of exhibition pedestals. By mirroring the base and surface, a once impermeable, permanent solid becomes redefined through its movement and mass, which begins to incorporate its surroundings. The performative aspect is thus incited through stacking, leaning, carrying, and balancing – a revolution over the course of three exhibition days. 

Visually, the conflation of 2D (photographic) and 3D form causes the directional void of the gallery space is disrupted. While implicating the image of the bust (via the reflected portrait of the viewer), a senselessness and humor emerges in this “re-active” portrait (2D) on a pedestal (3D) – once a device that defined the “monumental”. 

MDF, mirrors (30 x 30 x 1100 mm)