Column Series I: Two Lies for Infinite FreedomTrue Lies for Singled Freedom”, Art Zagreb, HR.

With one mirror we see the present, ourselves, & our finitude; with a second, these certainties begin to be challenged, ad infinitum. In this endlessness, the only perceivable truth about the future is infinity.

Column Series is a site-specific collaborative intervention with Daniel Hölzl that questions both architectural & art historical preconceptions of space. It creates a physically useless space – a column that mimics those already in the building. The structures engage a combined interest (stated below) to initiate the viewer into an awareness of space beyond the physicality of his or her own being.

“My work examines space through the translation/conflation of 2-dimensional (photographic) and 3-dimensional (architectural) forms by using mirrors. We know what a mirror is; it is always present. Yet by nature, it will always tell us more and something different; sometimes it even lies! Mirrors can behave like photographs. I believe that we tend to perceive structures we inhabit and/or work in – especially exhibition spaces – as a fixed image (of the past). But there exists a potential for this space not to have been “fixed” yet, or at least reflect this state of fixity (referencing the actual chemical process of “fixing” an image). I want to express this potential.”

– Marié Nobematsu-Le Gassic

“I am interested the trans-dimensional quality of the mirror and its potential for expressing the solidity of the column, both theoretically and what it stands for physically, while understanding the inherent cyclical expression of all material and form– its moments of past, present, and future. Taking this into account, how does creating useless space reflect the inherent hierarchy of a modern structure (reference, architectural Lesene)? What does it inform us about traveling horizontally vs. vertically, and the presence of other bodies in spaces we cannot see?”

– Daniel Hölzl

Steel, mirrors (450 x 900 x 2620 mm)